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Signage of the WSUSA office on the third floor of the Shepherd Union building. (Joshua Wineholt / The Signpost)

Student Body President Aulola Moli and other board members of the Weber State University Student Association are proposing a new campaign to announce their leadership roles and how they’re filling them.

WSUSA will begin an open-door policy, encouraging all students to visit their domain in Shepherd Union Room 326. On Sept. 25, WSUSA will be hosting Wildcat Wednesday, an event intended to not only provide students with entertainment, but also introduce them to the role they play in WSUSA affairs and how decisions will affect their college experience at Weber.

Among the many festivities planned, there will be food, ping pong and a Mario Kart tournament.

“The purpose is to make this office a space something that people use frequently,” Moli said.

WSUSA is also working with graphic designers to make a stronger, all-inclusive brand of what it means to be a Wildcat. “WSU is You” was one suggestion made in the executive meeting on Aug. 30.

Moli further suggested department VPs encourage their teams to participate in Weber Wear Fridays.

While advisories for the students of Weber are working to promote pride and togetherness, students concerned with the executive board’s progress on issues or who want to know all executive meeting minutes can visit their website.

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