Early this morning, a fire at the mouth of the Weber Canyon forced evacuations in the nearby city of Uintah.

At 10:28 a.m., Weber County Fire District tweeted for “all citizens to evacuate immediately.”

(Photo Credit: Joshua Wineholt)

The fire had already consumed at least three structures and smoke continues to fill the area of the surrounding neighborhoods.

The evacuation order affects residents north of S. Weber Dr., including Karen Dr., Combe Rd., Regency, Bonneville Terrace Dr., Eastwood Blvd. and Bybee Dr.

The fire has also threatened vehicles traveling on Interstate 84 and 89 near the mouth of Weber Canyon.

The Dee Events Center at 4400 Harrison Blvd. has been set up as an evacuation center for residents displaced by the fire.

(Photo Credit: Josua Wineholt)

Judene Hale, a resident of Uintah Highlands, met her daughter Caitlin Hale at the parking lot of the Dee Events Center.

“We were ready to go — we loaded the dogs and left,” said Hale, who heard the news of evacuation from neighbors.

The Hales plan to stay with nearby family until the evacuation order is lifted. Caitlin, a freshman at Weber State University, has friends whose houses have burned, and says she expects this to affect her studies in the next week.

Another Uintah Highlands resident, Chris Klinkenberg, got news of the evacuation from a police officer patrolling the neighborhood, spray-painting the streets in front of houses ordered to leave.

“So far I’ve been wavering between not knowing what to do and moments of clarity,” said Klinkenberg, whose home was within a mile of homes already ablaze.

The Uintah City Fire Department Facebook page encourages residents of Uintah Highlands to stay calm and stay safe.

(Photo Credit: Josua Wineholt)
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