September 1 marked the end of another friendly competition between Weber State University and Utah State University to help save lives. Dating back to 1999, WSU and USU have partnered with the American Red Cross in blood donation events.

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Rebecca Maringer, freshman in Public Relations & Advertising, holds hands with Daysia Willden, BIS Sophomore, while Willden is prepped for a blood donation at Weber State University's blood drive on Thursday, Sept 1. (Emily Crooks / The Signpost)

WSU met 99.4% of its goal this blood drive. This marked Weber the winner, for Utah State was determined to have met 80% of their goal. Although standards for donations differ between the two, both schools were successful in helping the American Red Cross receive a combined 10% of the most desired blood.

According to Vic Osmond, account manager with American Red Cross, negative RH blood is highly desired, not only because most people are of this blood type, but it also has the ability to be widely used without medical ramifications. It is for this reason why emergency rooms use O negative blood in most situations.

9-1 Blood Battle (Emily Crooks)-5.jpg
Melissa Dickson, of the American Red Cross, preps Weber State University senior Chris Brown for a blood donation at Weber State University's blood drive on Thursday, Sept 1. (Emily Crooks / The Signpost)

Since a large portion of people can accept O type blood, the American Red Cross advertises the donation of negative RH as Power Red, previously Double Red. For every one donation, it is counted as two.

The start to this semester’s series of blood drive events was comprised of 265 units from students, staff and supporters of WSU and 465 units from USU. All blood drives are open to the general public; however, Osmond would like to note that those interested in donating can go online and make an appointment for the next drive. The website will show all events 30-45 days out and the zip code app allows for nearby convenience. Our next blood drive will be held on the December 11, and walk-ins are always welcome.

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