In keeping with Apple’s yearly September tradition, brand enthusiasts were in for a treat during the latest iPhone reveal on Sept. 12. Fans of the iPhone eagerly awaited official confirmation of rumors about iPhone 8.

Based on leaks, it appeared the newest smartphone from Apple would come with wireless charging, OLED screens, dual lens cameras, curved glass and a hefty dose of sticker shock. The new model was also rumored to be starting at $999 — a large jump from last year’s iPhone 7, which started at $669.

According to Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, those leaks were only partially correct. Schiller was tasked with revealing the new devices and started with the iPhone 8.

During the Sept. 12 press conference, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing revealed that the new iPhones will be made from aerospace-grade aluminum and cased entirely in "the most durable glass ever in a smartphone." Photo credit:

Schiller revealed that the smallest of the three iPhones, the iPhone 8, will have only two size and price options. The first is 64 GB at $699, and the second is 256 GB at $799. The iPhone 8 Plus has the same sizes, but at $799 and $899, and a 5.5-inch display, as compared to the iPhone 8’s 4.7-inch screen. These devices also come with a bevy of new and upgraded features.

Schiller revealed that the new iPhones will be made from aerospace-grade aluminum and cased entirely in “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone.” He said that this glass casing also allows wireless charging — a first for iPhones.

Schiller said the devices’ cameras have been optimized for augmented reality for gaming and other applications. Schiller said, “iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is also microscopically sealed for water and dust resistance.”

The big surprise of this special event, however, was the reveal of a third iPhone. Celebrating the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone X before inviting Schiller back onto the stage to explain its features.

The iPhone X is set to release on Nov. 3. Photo credit:

Pronounced “iPhone 10,” the front of this new device is all screen and uses facial recognition technology exclusive to the X to unlock. This facial recognition also allows users to customize emojis in a new software dubbed “Animojis.”

Perhaps the biggest change to the iPhone X is that it’s the first iPhone that will not feature a home button. As a premium version of the newer iPhones, the iPhone X starts at 64 GB for $999 and 256 GB for $1149.

Joe Badder, an iPhone owner, was displeased with the pricing model.

“That is pricey, and it’s stupid they would do that,” Badder said. “I definitely can’t afford that.”

Jeff Parker, another iPhone owner, had a different opinion.

“I’m more than happy to pay an additional $150,” Parker said. “Actually, with the 4K 60fps selfie videos that I’m about to spit out, I’ll bump it up to 256 GB.” Parker also reasoned that aside from vital organs, people tend to use their smartphones more than anything else.

Whether this price point will be a success or failure from Apple remains to be seen. As for now, enthusiasts will have to wait for the new devices to become available. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be available for pre-order on Sept. 15, with a Sept. 22 release date. Customers will have to wait until Oct. 27 to pre-order the iPhone X, which will be released Nov. 3.

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