The remake of Stephen King’s movie “It” recently hit theaters and “It” hit big. September 7 was the movie’s opening night, and it pulled in an impressive 13.5 million dollars domestically, becoming the third largest movie opening of the year, right behind “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.”

Pennywise the clown in "It." (New Line Cinema)

It is also the most successful R-rated horror film released in September. The film also broke records internationally in countries such as Denmark, Netherlands, and South Korea, becoming one of the top movie premieres in each one of those nations.

The film tells of seven kids in Maine that must fight off an evil demon taking the shape of a clown called Pennywise. The bloodthirsty monster reemerges every twenty-seven years to prey on children. The kids realize the only way they will survive is if they overcome their fears and band together to defeat Pennywise.

Yet all this hype left many people wondering why “It” is so popular and is breaking so many records.

“It absolutely makes sense to me,” moviegoer John Ward said, regarding the movie’s success. “I’ve seen it twice already and I may go back again. It was just that good! I loved the original one, made back in 1990, and I’ve been looking forward to this new release all year.”

“I loved this adaptation,” Weber county resident Jamie Barlow said, “It keeps so well with the book, and interestingly enough, this one was made twenty-seven years after the original, just like the It is supposed to. I’m a fan of the novel and of horror films in general, and I think this one is just plain amazing. I can absolutely see why it broke so many records this time around.”

In contrast Tristin Belmont said, “I didn’t really care for the movie all that much. It just seemed to me that they were just trying too hard to make it scary, when in actuality it wasn’t.”

So, as with all films, it seems that in order to really understand the hype, “It” must be seen in order to be believed.

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