Wildcats suited and masked up for the annual homecoming dance on Sept. 22, honoring a Weber State University tradition performed during homecoming week.

The theme for the formal homecoming dance changes each year. After last year’s “A Night of Wonder,” the popular Mardi Gras Carnival in New Orleans, LA., influenced this year’s event.

After the event was moved indoors to the Shepherd Union ballrooms, students participated in various activities, such as henna tattooing, tarot card readings, photo booth picture taking and caricature artist renderings.

9-24 Homecoming Dance (Tony Post)-0044.JPG
Students jam out at the Homecoming Dance


Following the end of the dance, students were able to attend another Weber State tradition that involves kissing under the Stewart Bell Tower for the twelve consecutive bells to become a “True Wildcat.”

Maddi Johnston, a member of the activities team in Weber State University Student Association (WSUSA) and special events co-chair, helped plan the event and noted the importance of students attending events at Weber, especially for such prominent events as homecoming.

“It’s a really bonding experience for everyone that comes to the dance, and the main focus of the dance is to get everyone excited and pumped up for the game tomorrow night,” Johnston said. “Homecoming is all about supporting our boys on the team.”

Freshmens Lizzie Craig and Keylee Petersen hold still to get the

Organizational communications major and junior Austin Schaper attended with close friends after seeing flyers for the event around campus and hearing via word-of-mouth. He particularly liked the music playing during the dance and how the stereotypes of Weber State were being broken.

“I think it’s cool because a lot of people have the perception that Weber State is just a commuter school, and having activities like this with a really good turnout is good for increasing the student activity on campus,” Schaper said.

9-24 Homecoming Dance (Tony Post)-0047.JPG
Students await their photo to be drawn.


Activities team member and special events co-chair Melody Moua expressed her desire to have students become involved in events and activities on campus.

“I really want students to realize that Weber is not just a small university and not just a university for people who live close, who just come and go back home,” Moua said. “I want them to get that college experience and to open up Weber more.”

9-24 Homecoming Dance (Tony Post)-0143.JPG
Students jam out at the Homecoming Dance


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