The Thai Wat Chaimongkolvararam temple, located on 402 Wall Ave., invited the community to attend it’s Oct. 1 open house and participate in various activities from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. to get acquainted with Ogden’s Buddhist community.

After 11 years of construction, the new temple is now the centerpiece of Ogden’s Buddhist community. Buddhist Monks traveled from several states to pay their respects.

Wisan, who declined to give a last name, is one of the monks from Ogden who appreciates the community’s support and embrace of their religion and construction of the temple

“The local people, they call it the Yellow Temple,” he said with a smile.

The day’s events began at 9 a.m, with a birthday celebration. The open house coincided with the birthday of Phra-thep Putweithep Thepbuddhivides, president of Thai Bhikkhus in the United States.

Alms in the form of money, fruit or other gifts were given to the monks throughout the day. Those who give gifts are believed to receive luck as taught in the Buddhist religion.

James Camarillo, whose family is involved in the Buddhist religion, traveled from California for the occasion.

“All of us here, I think we’re here to support the community, most importantly the Buddhist community,” Carrillo said. “It’s really nice. It unites the community. It’s nice to see the community embracing it and it brings cultural diversity. I think it allows the community to understand other cultures too.”

Many attendees were from Ogden or surrounding areas were able to enjoy the day’s festivities, which included dances from groups, lunch and words from Monk leaders in the Buddhist community. Those who attended from Ogden and surrounding cities reiterated the importance of supporting other’s beliefs and creating a culture of tolerance in the community.

Susan Cooper, a Scientologist from Eden, Utah said of the event, “I think it breeds a tolerance for other religions and respect for them, so I think that’s why it’s so important.”

She believes in supporting other smaller less known regions like her own and lending support when necessary.

“I’m a scientologist, and our religion is also kind of not as large in this area, so I think it’s important to support others who are also kind of in the same category as smaller religions,” she said.

The ceremony was closed with a prayer dedication. The temple’s official opening date is set for some time later in October.

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