Student Senate plans meet and greet

On Sept. 25, Weber State University Student Association President Parker Hughes announced a date and time for the Senate’s Meet, Greet and Eat event.

On Oct. 16, students are encouraged to come by the WSUSA Senate table from noon-1:30 p.m. in Shepherd Union and get to know school senators while grabbing a bite together.

Hughes is still working with Sodexo services to present the menu. The food will be free catered lunch with those representing constituencies at Weber.

As of Sept. 11, Senator Travis Parsons has been serving on the student constituency of veterans. Senators Patricia Benally, Brenda Torres, Estefani Perez and Minsum Choi attended the first Veterans Town Hall Meeting to support Parsons.

A request for financial assistance was previously brought before the senate by Parsons for reusable signage to inform students of the next upcoming veterans town hall meeting. In an effort to reduce the cost of producing a new sign with a date and time for every gathering, the design will be absent of said information.

Parsons thought in doing this would allow for specific dates and times to be “penciled in,” affording him with a reusable source to inform students at a minimum cost to the school.

“A novel idea,” said Hughes. “To my knowledge, no one else has done this before.”

Renewable sources on campus is beneficial not only financially but also in future sustainability. The results were unanimous during a vote held by the senate and Parsons received his requested funding to make his signage a reality.

Wildcat Wednesday kicks off

Student Involvement and Leadership held their first Wildcat Wednesday event of the Fall semester. Aulola Moli, student body president, was pleased with the outcome.

“We want to increase student action,” Moli said.

Homecoming and Bowling Night were among the successes mentioned in the WSUSA presidential meeting on Sept. 27.

Associate Vice President Brett Perozzi brought up the topic of making Weber a smoke-free campus for further discussion, as well as a Genocide Awareness Project.

Diversity and Unity Vice President Salim Ben Khalifa will be hosting a Diversity Conference at the Davis campus on Oct. 5 in the D3 ballroom from 5:30-8 p.m. and from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. on Oct. 6 on WSU main campus in Shepherd Union.

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