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Professor of dance Erik Stern, right, introduces the dancers who will take part in the next number. (Joshua Wineholt / The Signpost)

The General Education Revitalization committee organized a free dance performance Oct. 2 called “Forces at Play.”

The ongoing goal of the committee is to help students find coherence in their Gen Ed classes, a subject which has been debated over in recent months.

“Forces at Play” highlighted the commonalities between physics and dance and connected the two disciplines, which opened discussion to similarities and other common traits through all Gen Ed classes.

“Performances like this add a visual element to what they’re trying to help people learn, and it make it seem relatable,” education student Maren Sommer said.

Cora Arboleya, another education student, said, “It gives people the ability to connect these different things and remember them easier, helps them create new pathways in their brains.”

The performance featured physics professor Adam Johnston and dance professor Erik Stern, as they illustrated different concepts of physics such as pendulums and forces of motion through small dance routines featuring WSU dance students.

The performance was attended by faculty, administration, some WSU students and around 700 middle school students from around Davis School District.

The performance’s goal was to unite the disciplines of science and art and to show how they are intertwined, which the Gen Ed Revitalization committee wants to do for all kinds of Gen Ed classes in order to show college students the importance and necessity of their Gen Ed requirements.

“Gen Ed is all connected through life,” Sommer said. “So taking Gen Ed classes makes you a more rounded person, because you have at least some level of knowledge in all these different areas.”

“Gen Ed is kind of like a refresher in all the classes you took before college,” Arboleya said. “You kind of forget what you know, so Gen Ed requirements make you know why you know what you do, and why things are the way they are.”

The Gen Ed Revitalization committee will continue to organize performances and programs throughout the year for students from Weber State and local school districts.

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