Leadership training cancelled due to double booking

9-11 Senate Meeting (Mustafa Alshilati) (12 of 18).JPG
Senators focus on the meeting. ( MustAfa Alshilati/ the signpost)

Weber State University Student Association advisors suggested VPs find a resolution to the double booking of organized events within their teams.

Training is required every Wednesday for student leaders. Community Engaged Leaders advisor Mike Moon worked on putting together the training he was to present on Sept. 11 — so much so that Moon had also used his time away from work.

“I was really excited,” Moon said.

Coordinator of Student Programs Emma Clark and other staff members made the decision to cancel the training due to the time conflict with the pride rally. Salim Ben Khalifa, LGBT chair, had collaborated with the LGBT Resource Center for Pride Week, and as such he and some team leaders were in attendance.

Service leaders gear for November projects

9-11 Senate Meeting (Mustafa Alshilati) (1 of 1).JPG
A photo of Dr. Brett Perizzi, and president Aulola Moli.( Mustafa Alshilati/ the signpost)

It had come to the attention of Leadership Vice President Mackenzie Stokes that there has been inappropriate use of the Weber Cares Food Pantry.

Service leaders within WSUSA are allowed to take advantage of the food pantry’s provisions, but only in absolute necessary circumstances.

The food pantry is in place to help Weber students whom are in desperate need of the sources offered.

With food awareness month fast approaching, Moon advised Activities Vice President Michelle Thao to think about accepting food as payment in place of cash for WSU events.

As the food pantry’s resources are depleting, with the exception of canned green beans, Moon further suggested Thao and her team specify how much money will be taken off ticket prices for certain food items given.

Food awareness is not the only good deed taking place in November. Senate Vice President Parker Hughes sought to remind board members of the upcoming Nearly Naked Mile. Every year attendees of NNM donate their clothes, which they discard at the start line.

The Lantern House, along with other local homeless shelters, will be the recipients of clothing donations from the Nov. 10 event.

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