In partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Weber-Davis, the Weber State University Student Association and volunteers helped assemble the necessary items for Scarecrow, a yearly auction event dedicated to raising funds for student participants of the club.

Scarecrow consisted of both silent and live auctions. Some live auction items came in the form of furniture, donated from Wayfair, a company known for selling home goods.

The silent auctions contained gift baskets with a variety of items, usually identical in design, and were donated from the community as well as from local businesses. In keeping with the harvest and autumn theme of the event, the gift baskets were made of rustic wood.

Silent auction gift baskets Photo credit: Jennifer Guzman

Colton Bell, assistant director of Clubs and Organizations, heard about the event from Cash Knight, operators director of the Boys and Girls Club and a Weber State alumnus. Falling in place with Club Service Friday, a new initiative for clubs to become more involved with the community, volunteers branched out and help the Boys and Girls Club prepare for their event.

“Service is such an important part of being an outstanding leader and an outstanding person,” Bell said. “Especially with how available we are, it’s really great to be able to offer them this chance as clubs to offer service.”

Kelly Stackaruk, Scarecrow volunteer and the College of Engineering, Applied Science & Technology senior development director, has helped with the club’s event for the past six years. Stackaruk co-chaired the silent auction this year and has participated in years past along with the support of her developmental office.

Volunteers helping load truck with auction items Photo credit: Jennifer Guzman

“I love what the Boys and Girls Club of Weber-Davis offers to our community and to kids who are at risk,” Stackaruk said.

While wrapping up and putting the final touches on the auction items, volunteers then proceeded to help place items onto a truck bed, which delivered everything to the Davis Conference Center, where the event took place. Volunteers waiting for the second portion of the service project then set up the tables for the event taking place the following day, Oct. 18.

Student volunteers came from various organizations, such as WSUSA and Aletheia. Heather Cimino, the coordinator for Clubs and Organizations, helped oversee the partnership for Weber State and the Boys and Girls Club for Scarecrow while letting team members of WSUSA plan the event themselves.

While helping put together the last touches prior to moving the items to the Davis Conference Center, Cimino touched on the importance of student service.

“I think it’s great for students to serve their community and look outside their own needs and see what other people they can serve,” Cimino said. “I think it helps grow them as student leaders, and it helps them learn and meet new people within the community.”

The next volunteer service opportunity for students will be during the Week of Service, taking place during the third week of November at the Weber State Ogden campus.

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