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Boat taxis vying for a position on a hot summer day in Venice. (Colt Rives / The Signpost)

Invest in experiences. Here are some traveling tips for your next adventure abroad.


More is less. By packing comfortable and functional clothing, your stress levels will go way down.

Go ahead. Pack those cargo pants, hiking boots and satchels. Honestly, that’s all you will need. This will free up space in your mind to embrace the culture around you.

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Yellow cathedral building over looks an alley way in Warsaw. ( Colt Rives / The Signpost)


Hostels are still being used, and they are a great choice for lodging. Apps like Hostelworld can help narrow down your

Most hostels provide meals, wifi, a free city map and are very well taken care of. This gives you a base camp with a key to the city, unlocking things like walking, food tours and access to local nightlife.

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Traditional Ukraine meal found in bulk at a street fair. (Colt Rives / The Signpost)


This can typically make or break your trip, so bust out those smart phones. Apps are your best friend.

Rome2Rio is a great starting point for trip planning 101. Companies like Wizz Air or Ryan Air post cheap flights all the time in these apps.

Almost every city has a bus or metro route app specific to that city. These types of apps are easy to find under a quick Google search of your location.

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Much of the time, air travel will be the biggest expense for most travels. (Colt Rives / The Signpost)


Traveling in groups is important. It’s the best way to save money and time and enrich your experience.

Groups of four or more can get you discounts on lodging, transport fares and guided tours, so grab some mates and get out there.

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Safety and expense, both, can benefit from group travel. (Colt Rives / The Signpost)
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