The Weber State University Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts and Humanities is home to the English Department, which draws in a diverse group of students with similar scholastic opportunities and a chance at getting tuition paid for through various scholarships.

Students who apply for scholarships early on have a better shot at getting school paid for. With the scholarship deadlines and applications opening soon, there are various scholarships to look out for.

Thadeus Teixeira is a student currently looking into taking part in the English courses here at Weber State. Having a passion for English and paying attention to the scholarships offered that would help her achieve her dream, she discovered the resources available for her at Weber State.

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Elizabeth Hall: home to English department, among others. (Joshua Wineholt / The Signpost)

“I paid a lot of attention on each school’s scholarships to see what they fully offered that would help me pursue my dream,” Teixeira said. “The John E. and Nancy S. Lowe was a scholarship that helped me know that this college really cared for the English department and that there would be competition to improve amongst my soon-to-be classmates.”

The John E. and Nancy S. Lowe Scholarship Teixeira referred to is offered to full-time freshman and sophomore undergraduates who have strong English writing skills and have scholastic achievement, financial need and promise in their field.

Scholarships offered through the English department usually require that applicants be a declared English or linguistics major or minor and also require a GPA of either 2.5 or 3.0 and above. The Gordon T. Allred scholarship, C.M. Crittenden Scholarship and Elmer H. Ericson Memorial scholarship have the requirements listed above but vary for full- and part-time students.

Cassie Cox, a Weber State English department alumna, graduated in 2003 and has a career being a literacy coach and English teacher at a high school. “A degree in English teaches students to question everything, to think independently and to always seek more,” Cox said. “I am thankful my WSU professors never settled for ‘good enough.’ Rather, they insisted on my best — always. These expectations remain with me still.”

The scholarship department gives an equal opportunity for all applicants to be considered for these scholarships as long as they apply on time and get applications in early.

Prospective student Michayla Jackson, who will be entering into WSU’s English department in spring, talked about the scholarships she wants to apply for.

“I am so excited to start studying in the English department this coming spring,” Jackson said. “I have just completed my FAFSA, and now that I can fill out one general scholarship application for all the English departmental scholarships, it is fast and easy.”

For more information and details on scholarships and financial aid available for students in the English department, visit their webpage at

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