The Psi Phi Psi fraternity is combining their love for gaming with charity. This is the second year the group is doing, what they call, a game-a-thon.

They teamed up with the Extra Life Foundation and are raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

“Being a sick kid, you’re kind of handed the short end of the stick,” said Fraternity President Ty Reeder. “We get to do something we love while giving back to those kids.”

The fraternity members were present in the Shepherd Union with a virtual reality gaming system from October 30 to November 3. “The cool thing about this is that there’s no subjectivity, everyone can play,” said Reeder.

Students can pick from a list of games to participate in: Super Hot, Tilt Brush, Space Pirates and Walt of the Wizard.

The Psi Phi Psi fraternity combines their love of gaming with charity. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

For a minimum of $5, students can go to the information desk and ask to donate to the Psi Phi Psi Fraternity’s cause. They then bring the fraternity members a receipt, pick a game and step into another world.

During last year’s game-a-thon, the fraternity only raised $50. This year, they’ve raised $120, at the time this article was written. Their overall goal this year is $500.

“I think we can definitely reach our goal of $500. We have a bigger presence on campus this year than we did last year,” said Reeder.

For more information about the Psi Phi Phi’s visit their Facebook page at

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