Weber State University’s Environmental Ambassadors club joined with SPARK to showcase a documentary on climate change on Oct. 27.

The documentary was titled “How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change.”

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“I haven’t seen the documentary myself, but supposedly this is supposed to teach us about the bright side of climate change,” said Environmental Ambassadors president Kyia Hill. “Meaning, we don’t have to feel stuck with the negative side of it all the time.”

Other club members hoped the showing would demonstrate to attendees an understanding of grappling with environmental issues.

“I hope that by showing this, it shows students how to cope with what’s going on in the world in terms of climate change,” said Environmental Ambassadors vice president Aimee Urbina.

The documentary features Josh Fox, who travels to 12 different countries showing the effects climate change has on our planet. While the main focus is about climate change, there was always another focus included: humanity and resilience.

In the documentary, Fox visits Australia’s Port of Newcastle, one of the world’s largest coal export harbors. A group of Pacific Islanders, who call themselves the Pacific Climate Warriors, protesters and Fox created a group blockade.

The blockade consisted of handmade canoes and kayaks flooding the Australian channel in an attempt to prevent coal ships from exiting port.

Even though people were arrested, the group stopped ten coal ships from leaving port. This was something they considered a success. They were recognized and their voices were heard.

China was another stop for Fox in the documentary. China is a country so covered in smog, Fox was able to film the sun without damaging his retinas.

The documentary showed how people in China never open up their windows because the amount of smog outside. Often, the air quality is so bad, people have to wear masks in order to be able to breathe.

Fox interviewed Wu Di, an artist in China, who brings awareness to the pollution in China through his art. He photographed people wearing masks as an attribution to the bad air.

Di hopes that his art will bring awareness to China regarding how they should change their ecological policies and regulations.

In each country Fox traveled to during the film, there were consistently groups of people involved. Whether it was an organization, or even just one single person, they were all trying to fight back or bring awareness when it came to climate change.

Nathan Blue, geography major, came to the documentary screening with the Geography Club.

“I mostly came here for support,” said Blue. “A lot of members of the geography club are also members of the Environmental Ambassadors.”

He also said he didn’t really know what to expect regarding the documentary. “I know a lot about climate change so I really enjoyed it. I liked how it had a happy ending.”

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