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Students sing along to High School Musical’s, "Stick to the Status Quo" ( Jinelle Lumpris / The Signpost ).

Weber State University students sing, sync and dance their hearts out at Weber State University’s Senate Association’s monthly Jam Night in Waldo’s Corner Pocket in the Shepherd Union Building.

“Every first Wednesday of the month, the WSUSA activities team put on these Jam Nights to try to get people out here, meet new people and have fun,” said Ahmed Mefleah, who hosted November’s Jam Night this last Wednesday.

The WSUSA Jam Nights consist of karaoke, lip-syncing battles or sing-alongs.

Jam Night attendance usually ranges from a dozen to around forty people. Many attendees are WSUSA members and members of the campus Greek Life sororities and fraternities.

Amanda Hall, a member of WSUSA and regular attendee of the Jam Nights, said these events are for all of the WSU community, and expressed that she wished more would attend.

“I’m more an audience supporter than a singer,” Hall said. “I don’t really like all the attention on me, but I like to come and watch and have fun with everyone.”

Mefleah sees these kinds of events as a great opportunity to help people break out of their comfort zone. “When you’re surrounded by friends it’s a lot easier to get out of the comfort zone and have plenty of fun,” he said. “Karaoke is just something that does that for people.”

Mefleah said even he is intimidated sometimes. “I’m not a great singer but I love getting up there on the stage and kind of making a fool out of myself, giving people a good laugh so they feel more comfortable to come up and sing themselves.”

Kayla Olsen, an occasional participant in the Jam Nights, explained that generally, the events are slow to start, with few people willing to get up and sing, but after a few singers more and more people sign up to sing, and soon enough everyone is enjoying themselves and there is a constant flow of participants.

Will Pierson, who was playing a few games of billiards with some friends in Waldo’s Corner Pocket during November’s Jam Night, said, “I didn’t know what was going on at first but once they got going I thought it looked really fun. The singers were picking some really great songs and I found myself singing along as me and my friends played our game. I think I’ll even come to the next Jam Night.”

The Jam Nights are every first Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. in Waldo’s Corner Pocket in the Shepard Union Building.

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