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Studying abroad allows students to step away from traditional education within the United States and into far off lands where the culture is rich and dreams of traveling are fulfilled, but the cost can be a concern.

Rebecca A. Schwartz, the director of the study abroad program gave a presentation on financial aid information for funding to be able to study abroad on Nov. 15.

Wanting to find programs that are lower than the cost of attending Weber State, Schwartz assisted and reminded attendees of the variety of scholarships that are available for them and how to apply.

“If you wanted to go to Germany, for example, we have the DOD which is a stipend which they pay international students to study in Germany,” Schwartz said.

At the event, other students who have gone out to study abroad in different places talked about their experiences.

Rebecca Basler, a student at Weber State who was interested in going abroad, said she was able to travel herself with a different organization. She loved her experience so much that she wants to get back to the school and go on another study abroad trip.

Kyoto, Japan. A study abroad opportunity with a subject area focus on business and administration
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Many students love the thought of being able to outside of the classroom, and paying less than the cost of staying here is a great reason why students should at least do this once in their college careers.

Students at Weber State have many opportunities to study abroad, such as being in the study abroad club made this semester by student Joel Oliva.

He started it originally as a mentoring program, but he and Schwartz turned it into a club so Weber State could get behind it.

Respiratory therapy students can travel for Ghana for a medical and humanitarian mission.
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“I really wanted other people to get opportunities to study abroad just like I did,” said Oliva.

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