The Women’s Center at Weber State University, in connection with the Safe at Weber program, created an event for Giving Tuesday to help those who have survived acts of domestic and sexual violence.

The event included donated materials for cards and writing materials from locals in the community to include in packages for survivors of these acts of violence.

Weber State students showed up to support the cause and put their creativity to the test, writing motivational phrases and drawing pictures of encouragement to let victims know they are loved.

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“This is for anyone on the campus, and these cards that we’re making are not only for women who have experienced these hardships; they are for everyone who have had similar experiences,” said Kinsee Gaither, the program specialist for Safe at Weber. “These cards will be part of packages that are given to those who take advantage of the program, and we’re sincerely grateful for anyone that can come and volunteer.”

Events like this help bring individuals to light who are struggling and need a little bit of help from others who are willing to give it. These types of programs all come down to the safety and well-being of the students at Weber and in the community.

The Safe at Weber program provides resources to those who are experiencing things like stalking, sexual harassment, verbal harassment, bullying and violence.

This particular program started in 2015 and continues to spread and grow. According to recent assessments the staff has made, the help they have been able to provide has been successful, but they are trying to reach out to as many people as they can.

As of right now, there are also accounts being made for programs, such as Safe at Weber, so students and members of the community can make donations to help kick start funding for them.

“Our goal next semester is to create focus groups to give students what they want. We’ll have a student advisory board that will present barriers that we can work to overcome to be the best outlet for those students and others in the community that are in need,” said Stephanie McClure, the development and lead financial assistant.

These events help fund the program while providing scholarships and internships for students to invest in their schooling and future careers in connection to spreading awareness for social justice, equality, liberation and freedom.

“There are many out there, and not just women, who are being oppressed and have no idea how to deal with it. We want to be able to be there to help bring awareness to the resources that people have, and we want to be the ones that can help make a difference,” said McClure.

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