Life is filled with endless possibilities, and one’s college experience is no different. It will be whatever one decides to make of it.

Weber State University Senate Association Senate President Parker Hughes described his college experience as a source of much personal growth aiding him in obtaining important life skills.

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President Hughes and fellow members of the executive team will be present for the 2017 Fall graduation to shake the hands of graduates and congratulate them on their success as they move forward with their next life chapter.

At 21 years of age, Hughes’ college career at Weber is coming to an end as well. Set to graduate in the spring with honors in psychology and minors in chemistry, neuroscience and zoology, he will continue his journey in medical school to become a physician.

It would come as no surprise to those of whom know Hughes well that he would choose a career in helping people.

“Parker is the most dependable and reliable person I’ve ever known,” Student Body President Aulola Moli said.

Always having considered himself as one who takes advantage of opportunities and solves problems, it made sense to Hughes to get involved making the most of his time here. In doing so, he laid a foundation upon which he built a network of success through volunteering with various clubs and organizations.

Hughes held his first leadership role as the American Democracy Project Chairperson, where he and fellow colleagues provided community events while promoting civic engagement.

Serving in this role proved to Hughes that he held a profound love for the university and would go to great lengths to make a difference.

Academics are of the utmost importance in college. However, Hughes emphasizes that to obtain a true college experience one must seek other ways to get involved and make a difference.

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