In Ogden’s local art scene, Brent Atwood is a household name. His work can be seen across multiple buildings, signs, and even hung in local establishments throughout Ogden.

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Atwood's rendition of Mona Lisa on a brick wall. Photo credit: Chloe Walker

While most of his work is relatively new, art goes back generations in Atwood’s family.

“My grandfather painted and lettered the Denver Rio Grande railroad trains from 1926-1965. So, our hand styles have been visible in this area for almost one hundred years,” Atwood said.

Local Artist Brent Atwood's signature on a painting located in The Lighthouse Lounge on 25th St. Photo credit: Chloe Walker

Atwood now hones his own skills through various art mediums, which include painting and tattooing.

“I have been spray painting since 1995, so street culture has a big influence on my approach,” Atwood said. “Particularly with scale and application.”

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A mural created by Brent Atwood in honor of local jazz musician Joe McQueen hangs on the side of Salty Creative at 443 27th Street.

In 2002, Atwood began a seven-year journey on the road working along the West coast and in Manhattan as a tattoo artist. He returned to Ogden in 2009, and he has been kept busy working on various projects over the last decade.

Inside The Lighthouse Lounge on Historic 25th Street where Atwood has multiple paintings displayed.

“The last ten years have been productive, to say the least,” Atwood said. “I have had the good fortune to make a lot of solid friendships through art. The sum of those experience is the big public works I have created in the last year.”

The Lighthouse Lounge on Historic 25th St. is home to many of Atwood's paintings including this painting which is the first in a series of three. Photo credit: Chloe Walker

In Nov. 2017, Nurture the Creative Mind, a local non-profit that helps promote self-empowerment and value through creative means, awarded Atwood with the Local Artist of 2017 award.

Multiple murals created by Atwood can be seen from Washington Blvd. near 18th St. Photo credit: Chloe Walker

While Atwood has already accomplished a lot through his art, he isn’t slowing down.

“As a painter I feel like the next 10 years is my time to produce the most important large scale paintings of my career,” Atwood said.

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Brent Atwood's hand lettered sign hangs on the window of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy located near Adams Ave. on 24th Street. Photo credit: Chloe Walker
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