Ogden’s Talisman Brewing Company is offering a twist on yoga to the community. The brewing company held the latest in an ongoing beer yoga class in their facilities on Jan. 20.


The class costs $10 and consists of an hour of yoga for all levels of experience, and afterward, participants have the opportunity to choose five samples from ten different types of beers.

Some of the most popular beers offered include their triple IPA called “Hazards” and a Scottish Ale called “Uplifted.”

Owners Dusty and Joann Williams were looking for something different to bring people into Talisman when they came up with the idea of beer yoga.

“For us not having a tavern, we wanted to do something that would bring people in, something different. My wife and I have always been into yoga off and on, so we just thought what a cool thing it would be,” Dusty said.

While the Talisman Brewing Company is almost two years old, they have been offering the beer yoga class for a year. Dusty details one benefit of the class as “super cost effective.”

“For $10, you’re going to get a yoga class, you’re in the brewery next to the tanks, you have the smells, the atmosphere, and you get to drink beer at the end,” he said.

Jade Draper, who has been instructing yoga for six years, has been leading the yoga portion of this event for almost a year. She was introduced to this position through mutual friends.

“It is a fun environment. It is a little different than a normal yoga studio. It also comes with a social aspect, where everyone can hang out afterward and enjoy,” Draper said.

The class is manageable for various levels of yoga ability, including those who may not have had any experience with yoga.

“You can always make yoga easier or harder. Some people exercise but have no experience with yoga. If you’re brand new to everything, you can still get something out of it,” Draper said.

Weber State University student Brittany Pace participated in the class. As a first-time participant in yoga, she felt the class was welcoming to her little experience.

“The class isn’t hard to complete, nor was it awkward like I expected it might be. I actually felt right in place, and even though I was shaky at first, I feel more confident now,” she said.

Pace also spoke positively of the experience. She said, “In addition to enjoying the yoga class, the beer and the atmosphere were phenomenal.”

For more information about beer yoga or the Talisman Brewery, visit www.talismanbrewingco.com.

You must be 21 years of age or older to participate in this class.

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