The third annual Wasatch Yeti Bash, held at the Union Station on February 2, played host to an original activity this year, a Yeti Beard Competition.


This was the first year of the contest and saw over fifty contestants.


The competition attracted many different kinds of individuals with the five categories of Skunkape, Yeti, Sasquatch, Abominable Snowman and The False Sighting.

Each contestant dressed the part, but Mark Angus, a Comic Con enthusiast, was the only competitor in a complete costume.


Wearing a one-piece outfit designer to resemble the iconic grey monster from the book “Where the Wild Things Are,” Angus was a runner up for the Sasquatch bracket.

He explained that he has been growing his beard for two years and takes pride in shampooing and conditioning it every morning.

The False Sighting category encouraged citizens who couldn’t grow their own beard, women and children, to create it using a variety of materials.


Denise Hevner, a teacher at Highland High School in Salt Lake City, entered wearing a beard that hung to her feet made entirely out of blue, purple, and white yarn.

Hevner said, “We made a huge web in class and afterward we had all of this yarn. So, I asked my students what we could do with it, and they know the kind of person I am, so I made it into a beard.”

The three winners of each category won a drawstring bag with an assortment of promotional items from the sponsors of the event.

This new addition to the annual event was promised to be continued in the years to come.

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