Weber State University’s Money Management Center helped students to realize what life is like after college by playing The Game of Life on Feb. 6.


In an event based off of the popular board game, students visited various tables in the Shepherd Union Atrium that allowed them to choose careers, housing, transportation, personal and health care, entertainment and student debt.

Money Management Center Director Daniel Kilcrease organized the event after he saw a similar experience at another university. He thought it would be an entertaining learning experience that could help students understand personal finance and how much goods and services cost in the real world.

“It gives students a chance to see what it’s like to have all of these expenses and these things happen and have that conversation,” Kilcrease said .

Participants stated what career they were pursuing at the start of the game and received a salary with tax deductions. When participants took their salary and decided what they wanted to spend money on each month, they were also given “chance” scratch-off cards to find out if they met a lucky or unlucky fate.

Career Center Director Wynn Stanger said he wanted students to learn the importance of careers in everyone’s life, and what career they chose would ultimately direct their life. He described a career as a foundational point for life and a meaningful identity for people.

“It’s an opportunity to help students understand what they can expect when they leave into the job market,” Stanger said. “That helps them with their obligations of student loans or family or the future.”

Noel Wilkinson, advisor for the Non-Traditional Student Center, said the event was a great way for students to have a reality check when it comes to money and unexpected costs.

“It is really important that students understand that there are all these different costs that are associated with leaving the identity of a student and entering the real world,” Wilkinson said.

Each table was sponsored by a different Weber State Department. The Career Center, Non-Traditional Student Center, Student Wellness Center, WSUSA Activities and the Financial Aid department all collaborated to bring The Game of Life event to WSU.

After participants gathered all their costs on a work sheet, their numbers were tallied to see if they won The Game of Life or if they needed to make some adjustments to their spending.

Student Jessica Cairo participated in the game and received a t-shirt for her win. She thought it was smart for various WSU departments to be involved in helping students learn about life after graduation.

“It was kind of interesting to get the surprise events,” Cairo said. “I was one of the lucky ones that got $100 Christmas bonus, but then I got a tooth ache, so I lost extra money. It helps so you can plan for things.”

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