A new café on 25th street is making plant-based lifestyle easier to attain. Cuppa, owned by Nathanael and Rebecca Sato, offers a fully vegan menu in addition to coffee and tea.


The café had a soft opening in Oct. 2017 before having its grand opening on Dec 1. Cuppa is looking to bring people together, give people plant-based options and to make vegan products more available to the public.

Tasha Pierce, a Cuppa customer and Ogden resident, is enthusiastic about the new business.

“I am so excited to have a vegan place in my town and in my area,” Pierce said. “Being a vegan isn’t as hard as it may seem to people, but having this near me is one step toward making my vegan journey more normalized.”

In addition to offering a fully plant-based menu, Cuppa offers organic and non-GMO products to their patrons. They receive a majority of their products from Alberts, who also supplies products to stores such as Natural Grocers. They also do shopping at Natural Grocers and Costco when needed.

The demand for such products is reflected in the customer traffic they have received in their two months of business.

Cuppa is looking to offer resources in the future to help people with mastering and maintaining vegan life by showing documentaries such as Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives.

“We hope to continue to grow, gain more stability, and offer more resources to the community,” said Xim McMillian, the manager at Cuppa. “We want people and families to come together and share this beautiful space.”

While a portion the recipes used at Cuppa come from the owner, Nathanael, the staff also has the opportunities to weigh in and contribute to the recipes used. Everyone contributes to the process of coming up with recipes for the menu.

Some of the most popular items on the menu include the Sloppy Jack and Street Tacos, which are both made from jackfruit.

Lara England, a plant-based consultant and dietician, weighed in on the menu as a customer of Cuppa.

“The menu offers a variety of healthy options,” England said. “The jackfruit street tacos offer a meat replacement that most people who are new or unfamiliar with vegan diets haven’t tried. The breakfast scramble is a flavorful take on tofu. It is all about variety and Cuppa offers that to its customers.”

According to McMillan, Cuppa found its place with vegetarian and vegan lifestyles on the rise in the Ogden area over the past few years.

The motto of Cuppa is “Do all things with love” and employees are working to make all their products with love for their customers.

If you are interested in events happening at Cuppa or in seeing their menu, check them out at cuppaogden.com.

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