Over the weekend, a water line break occurred on the fourth floor of the Tracy Hall Science Center. The flood caused damage to the fourth, third and second floors of the building.

On Feb. 26, the north end of the Tracy Hall Science Center was found with water and flood damage. Head flood technician Jesse Valdez said the pipe break was possibly caused from changes in weather conditions.

The estimated cost of damage is currently undetermined. The flood may have damaged lab equipment in the different lab classrooms on the three affected floors.

Valdez also pointed out the damage to ceiling tiles and dry wall on each of the three affected floors. Replacing and repairing the damaged equipment and areas could add up quickly according to Valdez.


During the cleanup, all the lab equipment was covered with plastic wrap to protect from future damage. Fans were also placed around the damaged areas to help the drying process.


Valdez was also on the cleanup crew when a pipe burst and flooded Elizabeth Hall in January.

“The pipe burst (in Elizabeth Hall) was more serious than the break here,” said Valdez.

The cause of the Tracy Hall flood has not been determined yet.

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