Without precedent, the Weber State University Student Association held their 2018-2019 elections for legislative and executive positions during the same week with ballots available on Canvas.

The new Senators were posted online on March 16, whereas the new executives were first announced during the annual Weber’s Got Talent event on March 17.

Copy of Jordan Slater.jpeg
Jordan Slatter, WSUSA President

The WSUSA president title went to Jordan Slater, who won with 830 total votes, a slim victory over Kurt Bell, who claimed 811 votes. Slater’s platform included bringing the university and Ogden city closer together, as well as utilizing new apps, social media and other electronic means to raise student awareness about the available campus resources.

Copy of Minsum Choi-5989.jpg
Minsum Choi, Legislative Vice President

The Legislative VP position went to Minsum Choi who won with 967 total votes, while her opponent, Julio Otay, claimed 911 votes. Choi, the current Asian Students Senator who re-established the Asian Area Council, ran with a platform of furthering club and organizations promotion within the Student Senate.

Copy of Colton Bell-5929.jpg
Colton Bell, Activities Vice President

The Activities VP position went to Colton Bell for 644 votes, while his opponents Tyler Dopp won 558 votes, Eduardo Franco won 400 votes and Jack Hyder won 358 votes. Bell, the current President of Greek Council and assistant to the Clubs and Organizations VP, promised to provide first-year students with a better university experience than he had entering college.

Copy of Jessica Cairo-5933.jpg
Jessica Cairo, Diversity Vice President

The Diversity & Unity VP position went to Jessica Cairo with 1238 votes, with her rival Weston Lee claiming 668 votes. Cairo — previous VP of Clubs and Organizations, Greek Council President as well as Davis Campus Senator — promised to “create a space of respect and safety” to further bring the diverse students of WSU together and “celebrate their differences.”

Copy of Patrick Luo-6003.jpg
Patrick Luo, Service Vice President

The Service VP position went to Patrick Luo, who won uncontested and received 1893 votes. His platform promised to unifying the various WSU departments — primarily athletics — and have them work together on several service projects.

Copy of Katherine Giddens-5997.jpg
Katherine Giddens, C&O Vice President

The Clubs and Organizations VP position went to Katherine Giddens, who won with 1138 votes, whereas her opponent Minkay Choi claimed 745 votes. Giddens currently serves as Student Alumni Association Executive Chair.

Copy of BretAlexander-5777.jpg
Bret Alexander, Leadership Vice President

The Leadership VP position went to Bret Alexander, who ran uncontested for 1860 votes.

Heather Sheehan-5720.jpg

Finally, the Davis Campus VP position went to Heather Sheehan who ran uncontested for 1860 votes.

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