Faculty and staff filtered into the Smith Lecture Hall on March 19 to receive updates from President Wight on the 2018 legislative session.


Wight led a discussion on operating budget, tax fund increases and house bills.

The legislature was successful in the passing of six Senate Bills and six House Bills during the 2018 session. House Bill 254 S1, campus sexual violence reporting, did not pass along with 9 other bills.

The Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education awarded the 2018 best practice in prevention activities to the Safe@Weber Violence Prevention Team.

Approximately $16 million in funding to complete renovation of Lindquist Hall was authorized in addition to infrastructure maintenance at other WSU campuses. Non-state funds will provide Davis campus with a computer, automotive engineering and applied science building.

After being approved with donated funds, the design plans are now in the making for Ogden’s Noorda Engineering and Applied Science and Technology Building.

Our Schools Now was looking to increase funding for higher education as well as public by increasing state income and sales tax. This original plan to generate $715 million was countered with a legislative compromise plan that could produce up to $375 million with a 5-year freeze on property tax rates.

Weber State stands to benefit from the Our Schools Now compromise in the amount of $4 million. There is no word yet on how Weber plans to distribute these funds toward the betterment of the university, but it could contribute to increases in salary.

Gifts of any kind are strictly forbidden as stated in an executive order issued by Gov. Gary Herbert March 19. The specifics on how faculty and staff will be affected is unclear. However, Vice President of University Advancement, Brad Mortensen, jokingly suggested to not so much as accept a piece of gum from any government entity.

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