New student? Worried you won’t be able to find your test? In high school, tests are taken in class, but in college, you may be sent to a testing center.

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Remington Payton, left, and Nick Romney, right, work in the testing center, waiting to assign people computers. (Joshua Wineholt / The Signpost)

There are a total of four centers on Weber State University’s main Ogden campus and three others spread throughout Weber and Davis counties.

Before you go, be prepared. Students must have proper identification — a Wildcat Card or driver’s license — the name of the professor, class and exam.

Weber student Iam Syme has another tip for incoming students.

“If you are taking a test that allows notes or scratch paper, always bring a writing utensil,” Syme said.

Students with disabilities should refer to Weber’s Center For Disabilities for forms and any questions about accommodations.

Here is a cheat sheet of all the testing centers Weber State has available.

Library. This testing center is the new attraction. This center opened August 2017. It’s the only one open on Sunday, from 1 to 4 p.m.

“It gives students pretty much an extra day to take their exams,” Steven Moffit, library testing center coordinator said. “This testing center offers GED tests as well.”

Communication student Brittany Fuhs appreciates the extra day.

“I generally work Monday through Friday,” Fuhs said. “With this new testing center being open on Sunday I am able to get my exam completed without any added stress. I also like the setup of the center. It doesn’t seem as packed.”

Student Services. This testing center is located in the Student Services on the second floor. It is medium sized with one room just for paper exams and one for computer exams.

Union. This testing center is located on the second level of the Shepherd Union building. It has a lot of foot traffic, and is most likely the busiest of them all.

Tracy Hall. On the first floor of the Tracy Hall, this testing center attracts a lot of math and science majors. Located in the same area as the Tracy Hall Tutoring, students can take advantage of the extra help.

“So many last minute students use the tutoring right before their exams,” said Pieter Sawatzki, the Tracy Hall testing coordinator.

Nic Sells, a junior at Weber, said Tracy Hall’s testing center is small but provides privacy.

“It has little dividers so you feel like you aren’t being watched,” Sells said.

Davis. This testing center appeals to non-traditional students. Many students who work full-time or have a family tend to take their exams here, especially if they live in Davis County. It is centrally located in Layton City. This campus has three buildings, and building D3 is where exams are administered.

Morgan. This small testing center in the Morgan campus assists students who typically enroll in online courses because they live farther east.

West. The West Center, located in Roy, helps students who live west of the main campus. It is a small testing center. has info on all the different testing centers, including their hours and locations as well as the rules of the testing center.

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