Ever wanted to be like a Mongolian horseback archer or Legolas? You can at least learn how to shoot your favorite, larger-than-life characters through the Archery Club at Weber State University.

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Members of this club engage in either non-competitive or competitive tournaments depending on his or her preference. All tournaments are open to everyone within the club, but only the best, veteran archers in the club compete in the National Indoor Championship tournament in Salt Lake City. Most of the tournaments take place from November through March.

For those that do not quite know how archery is scored, it’s almost like darts. After competitors are divided and on their end of the field, the archers take turns shooting either 3 or 6 arrows per end, depending on the type of round. An “end” designates the end of a round. After each end, the competitors walk to the target to score and retrieve their arrows.

An indoor competition is usually 20 ends of 3 arrows. Each target has points 1-10 assigned to them, with the most inner circle being worth 10 points.

“My favorite part about the club is seeing the progress of skill in our members,” said Caden Quayle, next year’s club president. “Archery is a weird activity to get the hang of: you need the form and strength for the bows. But seeing our members practice each Saturday and see their improvement is great.”

All members pay a fee of $45 for a semester or $70 for the year. Members will also get a Weber State Archery Club t-shirt. In addition, if needed, all necessary archery equipment needed is for rent for $15 for the duration of the membership.

There are no tryouts for the club, as it is open to everyone and anyone who wants to compete and have fun doing so.

For those interested in joining, The Archery Club holds practices at Edge Archery in Ogden, at 3196 Midland Dr., Ogden, UT 84401 every Saturday morning from 10:30 am — 12:30 pm. During practices, the team will practice tournament format or fun events depending on the time of year.

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