Students enrolled in Honors 4920, The First World War, have spent the last semester researching the reasons behind WWI’s explosion onto the global stage, what the fighting revealed and the echoes of the conflict in today’s world.


The students will present their research on April 17 at a public symposium in the Weber State University Stewart Library’s Hetzel-Hoellein room from 12-5 p.m.

“The inspiration to have an undergraduate symposium on the First World War is rooted in Utah’s World War I Centennial Commission,” said Branden Little, WSU history professor and member of the commission, “and its goal to educate Utahans about the war on its hundredth anniversary.”

(US Marines Archives / Flickr)

Little hopes the symposium will educate audiences about the intricacies and the lasting impact of the Great War.

Little will open the symposium and then turn over the rest of the time to the student presenters. Four panels of students will present their research, and after the fourth, Little will conclude the event with closing remarks.

Little encourages the public to attend for the entirety or any part of the symposium. Admission is free, and refreshments will be provided halfway through the program.

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