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Commencement is fast approaching at Weber State University. However, it does not mean the ending of graduates’ association with the university, which still offers services even after academic careers are completed.

Alumni coordinator Jill Walker spoke of the importance for alumni to stay involved.

“Our big focus is lifelong engagement and supporting folks as they move through with their accomplishments and careers,” Walker said. “Any way we can engage with them is what we are here for.”

Alumni benefits include a Dee Events Center parking pass, eight WSU athletic tickets, a discount for the Swenson Gym, career resources and several others. The full list can be found at

WSU Alumni Relations director Nancy Collinwood said graduating students should join the Alumni Association in order to receive a new graduate discount.

“(Graduates) can continue with all the benefits they had here as a student,” Collinwood said, “but they can utilize some different resources.”

Collinwood said there are additional services to assist graduates with full-time, post-college transition. Among these include polishing portfolios and resumes, career information, dental benefits and Nationwide insurance discounts.

Walker said Alumni Services is currently working with Community Education for Lifelong Learning to further establish a foundation.

“We are partnering with them on priority registration and some programming that supports what our graduates want,” Walker said. “We are just trying to keep them engaged as lifelong learners, and that is part of the partnership we have.”

Walker said WSU graduates are encouraged to apply for jobs on campus. When students return to work on campus, he believes there is a sense of pride associated with the institution.

“They recognize what this institution means to our community, and they want to continue a part of it,” Walker said. “They want to help shape the future of our community.”

For graduates fresh out of college, Collinwood said working on campus could be a positive way to gain additional job experience.

“I think staying connected with the folks in career services as well as their professors is important,” Collinwood said. “They could all help direct them towards the right path.”

Collinwood said alumni involvement varies depending on the experience individuals had as WSU students. Collinwood advises students to take advantage of benefits well before graduation.

“There are students who maybe didn’t utilize all their benefits when they were here,” Collinwood said. “I think sometimes you need what you need when you need it. We just want our graduates to stay connected, ask questions, and hopefully we can connect them with the right areas.”

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