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The idea of an urban gondola in Ogden resurfaced recently in an economic development plan drawn up by former Utah Senator, Stuart Reid. Unfortunately for those in favor of the new urban gondola, the proposed plan was all but shut down before it got off the ground.

This isn’t the first time Reid has attempted to bring a gondola to Ogden; in 2006, Reid was serving as an economic development leader for former Ogden City Mayor Matthew Godfrey.

While in the position, Reid proposed a gondola beginning in downtown Ogden and making its way toward Weber State University. Reid hoped it would eventually be able to transport passengers to Snowbasin Ski Resort. The gondola would not only be an attraction for the city but serve as a convenient means of transportation—at least in theory.

Though Reid’s proposal had managed to gain a small amount of traction, the idea of an Ogden-based gondola appeared to be nothing more than a flash in the pan.

Last year, however, Reid delivered a new economic development plan to Weber County Commissioners, which, once again, included his idea for a gondola. Reid’s new report read, “This is an audacious project that will help meet the objective to strengthen the urban core by dramatically increasing the visitor population as well as the workforce.”

As excited as some may have been for the potential economic boon, the Weber County Commission elected not to enact Reid’s economic development plan; instead, the commission partnered with PGCC Strategies.

With these partnerships, the Weber County Commissioners created the 2018 Weber County Strategic Economic Development Plan. The new plan was unveiled to the public on April 17 at Weber State University in the Wattis Business Building.

When implemented, the new plan has the potential to do great things in Weber County. According to the report released by the commissioners, the four main goals of this plan include:

1. Building Prosperity Through Higher Incomes

2. Attracting and Supporting High- Quality Job Creation

3. Rising to Our Potential

4. Ensuring a Dynamic Economy

The Weber County Commissioners wrote in a joint letter, “We are committed to using the recommendations outlined in this plan to raise Weber residents’ incomes by attracting and supporting quality job creation, diversifying our economic base and positioning Weber County and northern Utah as a leader in economic development.”

The Weber County Commissioners hope these goals will improve the quality of life on the individual and county-wide levels.

Those who may have been hoping to take in the Weber Valley from an elevated perspective, however, are likely out of luck.

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