Weber State University’s College of Science chose Andrea Easter-Pilcher, formerly of St. George’s University in Grenada, as its new dean on June 15.

“My career has been very rewarding,” said Easter-Pilcher. “I’ve done research all over the world, and I’ve worked with great faculty and administration at several universities. It’s been inspirational and exciting, and I really look forward to continuing that at Weber State University.”

With Easter-Pilcher’s leadership as chair, the Department of Biology, Ecology and Conservation at St. George’s grew to be the largest department in the School of Arts and Sciences.

Andrea in Glacier National Park with SGU Student, Wayne Smart.jpg
Easter-Pilcher in Glacier National Park with SGU student Wayne Smart Photo credit: Weber State University

Easter-Pilcher’s qualifications for the position include her two-time experience as a delegate from Grenada to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in Bangkok and Johannesburg.

“Delegates spend 12 days going over all of the species that have been petitioned to be listed for protection under the CITES convention or treaty,” Easter-Pilcher said. “This was so exciting for me and incredibly rewarding.”

Easter-Pilcher said facilitating collaborative change between disciplines to improve education outcomes for all students is one of her goals as dean of WSU’s College of Science. She expects this will improve enrollment, retention and time to graduation.

“According to one of her many references, Easter-Pilcher is known for being friendly, kind and exceptionally good at problem-solving,” WSU Provost Madonne Miner said. “That is precisely the kind of leader we look for at Weber State.”

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