Fishing has been around since the beginning of humanity, but recently people started to fish for a different reason. It was not for the paycheck or to put food on the table, but rather for the adrenaline of the fight, the prize money in tournaments and to enjoy it on a day off.

Growing up in California, my dad took my brother and I to the lake, ocean and river to test our skills at catching fish. Now that I have moved two states away, heading up to Pineview Reservoir brings new challenges to not only me but all the fishermen who fish in it everyday.

Like most sports, people enjoy fishing because it brings challenges to even the best fishermen. The trials we face are what keep fishermen like myself and professional anglers coming back. Novice and professional anglers face the same challenges each and every time they step onto the shore or launch their boats.

Having only been in Utah for this summer, I have noticed two tests fishermen are faced with when I take my kayak out on Pineview. Weather can change drastically in Utah, and as an angler you must be prepared for it. Whether it is taking on the late afternoon winds or bringing the tackle and gear to keep us dry during storms, there is always an obstacle.

During the middle of the summer, Pineview Reservoir sees substantial water craft traffic, even on a weekday. Because angler’s boats and kayaks are not made to take on the big waves from wakeboard boats, we have to get up early and be on the lake before it gets too busy. From the noise all the boats make and the amount of lures and baits fish see from other fishermen, summer fishing can be a challenge, notably after a holiday weekend. Again, as fishermen we have to adapt to these conditions.

Growing up in Southern California, fishing can be hard after a tournament. The fish have seen so many lures that they don’t want to bite even though they may be hungry. Anglers equip their tackle with a variety of baits, and because fish may have seen half of them throughout the week we throw out everything we have until we find out what works.

With technology advancements today, fishermen are blessed with state of the art technology that allow them to find fish on fish finders. Fish finders use sonar to read the bottom of the lake to tell anglers what structure, rocks and weeds, are below and what depth the fish are at. The finders are now even available via smartphones with apps, and they help fishermen of any skill level find the fish, either shore fishing or on a boat.

Fishing is one of the most rewarding sports. It not only challenges you physically but can be mentally gratifying as well. When you feel the fish on the end of your line fighting for it’s life, it can be a huge rush for any angler as you watch the fish jump out of the water.

Pineview has not only put my skills to the test, but it has also allowed me to catch a fish I had only heard about when I was younger. The “Tiger Muskie” brings anglers all around the nation to Utah to test their skills at the fish of 10,000 casts. The fish is like no other in the reservoir. It is toothy, long, narrow and fights like a barracuda in the ocean.

Anglers travel the world hoping for their dream catches in any body of water. For us it’s not just about a line in the water with a bobber and a worm on the hook. Fishing is about the fight and the long days with no bites, but the reward we get. When we release these beautiful species back into the water, the work is worth it all.

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