1. On July 13, three days before President Trump was set to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, the U.S. Justice Department made an announcement involving the Russia investigation. What was it?

a. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is resigning

b. Russian hackers were indeed involved with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign

c. WikiLeaks was directly involved with Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign

2. President Donald Trump reported that his Scotland golf resorts earned a combined $18.8 million last year on his financial disclosure to U.S. officials last week. Also recently, his company reported the real figures to U.K. officials. How different were Trump’s report and the actual figures?

From right, Ivanka, Donald Jr.and Erik Trump listen as their father, Donald Trump, speaks at Turnberry hotel in South Ayrshire, home of the Trump Turnberry golf course, on June 24, 2016. (Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/Abaca Press/TNS)

a. No different

b. Different, and the actual figures showed a higher profit than Trump reported

c. Different, and the actual figures showed a net loss rather than what Trump reported

3. The Trump administration faced pressure over the last weeks to reunite detained children under five with their parents. The families were separated at the border due to the effects of the “zero tolerance” policy for suspected illegal crossings instigated spring this year. July 12, federal officials declared they had reunited some of the young migrant children with their families. How many migrant children of the reported 103 total were reunited?

a. Between 20 to 40

b. Between 40 to 60

c. Between 60 to 80

d. All children were reunited

4. U.S. government-imposed tariffs on industrial products and machinery coming from China sparked a trade war with the nation as China quickly responded with tariffs on agricultural products coming from the U.S. The previous 25 percent tariff on $50 billion of Chinese goods, totaling $34 billion, took effect July 6. President Donald Trump just unleashed a new threat of tariffs against China. How much is the new threat?

a. $200 billion

b. $200 million

c. $500 billion

d. $500 million

5. The World Cup concluded July 15 with a France victory. Among the awards given out was the Golden Boot, an award given to the player who scored the most goals throughout the tournament. Who won it?

a. Kylian Mbappé

b. Landon Donovan

c. Harry Kane

A group of children are taken to the Cayuga Center in East Harlem, on June 27. Hundreds of migrant children separated from their parents by federal immigration officials are being cared for in the facility. (Carolyn Cole /Los Angeles Times/TNS)


1. b. The Justice Department released an indictment obtained by Mueller charged 12 Russian hackers with direct involvement in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and hacking Democratic Party computers. According to the Los Angeles Times, prosecutors said the Russians targeted election infrastructure, targeting methods of voter registration and areas in Florida, a key swing state. The indictment said Russian efforts did not affect vote totals.

The indictment comes following the public statement by U.S. intelligence agencies that Putin specifically ordered Russian interference in the 2016 election in order to promote a Trump victory.

2. c. The actual figures reported to U.K. officials showed a loss calculated at $23 million, according to the McClatchy Washington Bureau, a difference of over $40 million. There are many different reasons the two numbers could be so dramatically different, including varying terms that officials may have asked for. Robert Weissman, president of the watchdog group Public Citizen, viewed the discrepancy as a continuation of Trump’s obfuscation of his finances.

3. b. According to the Los Angeles Times, federal officials reported 57 of the 103 migrant children had been reunited with their families, a number just over half of the total. The other 46 are still being held in government detention centers for a variety of reasons. Reportedly, some children’s parents had been accused of crimes, had a communicable disease or had been deported already.

The government has a little over a week to handle the reunification of nearly 3,000 children detained across the U.S. if they want to meet the court-imposed deadline of July 26 to reunite the children with their families.

4. a. The new round of tariffs would be on top of the previous 25 percent and total roughly $200 billion. This new number could have much further reaching implications than the first, with U.S. imports from China totaling more than $500 billion last year, according to the Los Angeles Times. China’s Commerce Ministry has said the nation would respond accordingly, but matching the tariff as they did with the first is impossible, as China only imported $130 billion in products from the U.S. last year. Instead, according to Lu Xiang, a Beijing-based researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pointed to other countermeasures China could take, cracking down on licensing for imports among them.

5. c. Although England lost to Croatia during the semifinals, England’s Kane was given the Golden Boot after he scored in every match he played. Five of his six goals came during the group stages, including a hat trick he pulled off during England’s 6–1 rout of Panama.

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