Ogden has a lot to offer, from good restaurants and bars to its beautiful hometown feel. One thing that people may not know about is the artistry that runs through the town. Ogden has an array of different art venues like Bella Muse Gallery, Gallery 25 and Ogden Union Station that are located on Ogden’s historic 25th street.

The Bella Muse Gallery was created by two friends, Elizabeth Robbins and Shanna Kunz. These woman had been working in the same art community for some time and they lived close by one another. They imagined a space that was theirs, full of beautiful art where people could come learn about and appreciate art. After their dreams came to fruition, they have their own place on Historic 25th street, where few selective artists work is hung and workshops are provided in a fun positive creative atmosphere.

As one of the oldest galleries on 25th street, Gallery 25 is a place dedicated to Utah’s local art talent. Multiple resident artists and guest artists have their work on display at this beautiful shop. Open gallery viewings occur on the first Friday of each month from 6–9 p.m., when you are able to stop by and take a look at the art exhibit going on. There are refreshments provided.

The Union Station is home to a galley of art with rotating collections. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons & Tricia Simpson

Almost celebrating 150 years, Ogden Union Station offers four museums, two galleries and one historic train depot. Gallery at the Station offers free admissions into the beautiful vintage art gallery Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. This contemporary art gallery is surrounded by the 1920s train station that takes you back in time. All art proceedings go into preserving the historic train station to keep the art and history alive.

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Ziegfeld Theater community theater located on Washington Blvd. (Sara Parker / The Signpost)

These are just a few of the art galleries that are offered in Ogden. If theater is more your style, you could also try the Ziegfield Theater, located on Washington Blvd. This performing arts center features community theater. Tony Oliver, a play based on Charles Dickens’ famed novel, will make its debut at Ziegfeld on Aug. 10. Ziegfield also hosts Open Mic Nights and holiday and comedy shows.

Other community theaters include Peery’s Egyptian Theater and Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse. If you’re looking for date night ideas or ways to spend your weekend, Ogden gives you unlimited ideas with culture and creativity.

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