Utah Transit Authority EdPasses are available to students as a free benefit at Weber State University. UTA EdPasses come with full access to the busses, TRAX, and Frontrunner across the Wasatch Front.

While saving money from fuel and auto expenses, students like Elise Waikart have found public transit across Utah to be a smooth and reliable transportation method.

“I love riding the bus,” said Waikart. “I’m able to easily get from point A to point B for free, and all it takes is a little extra time and planning, but it’s worth it.”

Waikart said she is glad to use public transportation as a means of reducing her carbon footprint.

“My favorite route is the bus near my house to Weber State and also on the Frontrunner from Ogden Station to Salt Lake Central,” said Waikart. “I can go shopping and to events in Salt Lake or Farmington Station without putting miles on my car or spending gas.”

Although TRAX does not pass through Ogden, students can use their passes while visiting Salt Lake City, and they can be taken as a connection off the Frontrunner.

So students can take a bus from Weber to the Ogden or Farmington Frontrunner Station, transfer from North Temple Guadalupe to the TRAX and finally stop right outside terminal 1 at the SLC Airport.

The EdPass webpage says, “By utilizing this benefit, you won’t have to worry about gas prices or traffic. You will also be contributing to a healthier environment while working on homework, or taking a nap during your commute.”

The UTA Frontrunner even has free WiFi, an abundance of power outlets and desk tables.

“I enjoy watching YouTube, streaming music, or doing homework while riding the Frontrunner, and their WiFi is fast and reliable,” said Waikart.

“People are sleeping too, but I think it’s because the chairs and booths are so comfortable,” Waikart said. “Sometimes I take UTA just for the fun of it though, because it is a good place to relax and enjoy life.”

Bikes can be taken across UTA Public transportation, which further increases accessibility to bus stops and the destination and arrival locations.

After setting up online, the UTA EdPasses can be picked up conveniently in the Shepherd Union Building. New or damaged cards can also be renewed online.

More information can be found at

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