Apple Juice Productions has been invited to screen their latest film, Lily Evans and the Stroke of Midnight, at midnight on Sep. 8 during the FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention. The film is work of fiction inspired by the Harry Potter series.

AJP is a local film production company owned and operated by women. Their YouTube channel has thousands of subscribers and centers on creating adapted literary, scripted content for feminist women of post-college age.

Two members of their latest production are Weber State University alums: Camrey Fox, who plays the part of Alice Longbottom in the film, and the company’s technical director, Kailee Brown.

Fox graduated from the Musical Theatre program in 2016 and credits her education at Weber as being instrumental in helping her to hone her creative instincts, acting and costume design at a professional level. She used these skills to assist as a linguistic and acting coach for her fellow cast members.

The company’s technical director, Kailee Brown, received her Associates of General Studies in 2009. Brown added that her time at Weber was well spent and gave her confidence to continue with her other schooling and professional work.

03 - Camrey Bagley Fox as Alice Fawley. Credit_ Katie Blakely Photography.jpg
Camrey Fox is a Weber Alum and plays Alice Fawley in the ‘Lily Evans’ film. Photo credit: Apple Juice Productions

The script for Lily Evans was co-written by company founder, Amanda Taylor. Brown said that in her research for the writing of the film, Taylor stuck to the series’ canon written by J.K. Rowling. Brown said she is a big Harry Potter fan herself and has read the series 15 times.

Brown said such attention to detail is as important to them as filmmakers as it is to the fans.

“We are thrilled that FanX has selected Apple Juice Productions to come and represent fangirls in a space celebrating enthusiasm for all things nerdy,” Taylor said. “We’re so excited to show Salt Lake our work with ‘Lily’ and sit on a couple of panels discussing comics and Marvel movies.”

15 - The Gryffindors in the Common Room (Five Alls, SLC). Credit_ Katie Blakely Photography.jpg
The writers for ‘Lily Evans’ stuck to J.K. Rowling canon for the script.2 Photo credit: Apple Juice Productions

Brown said that the company’s main interest is to, “…provide women a chance to tell their stories in front of and behind the camera…” as well as make films that speak to them as fangirls of narrative literature, movies and TV shows.

Fans interested in watching the film and meeting the cast and crew will have their chance at the FanX screening and Q&A. Find more details here:

To date, this will be AJP’s largest screening ever, a feat that Fox said she is excited for.

Fox hopes fans are as excited for what will be AJP’s largest screening to date. AJP’s other content, including adaptations of The Babysitters Club and The Cate Morland Chronicles, can be found on their YouTube channel.


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