Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies at his confirmation hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill Sept. 4, in Washington, D.C. (Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS)

1. Back in August, the Trump administration announced the possibility of a military force as a sixth branch of the military. This branch, “Space Force,” according to the Trump administration, would exist to answer new potential threats and preserve military dominance in space. Which state, a former space-technology forerunner, stands to benefit greatly from the introduction of a Space Force?

a. Iowa

b. California

c. Florida


2. The White House imposed a deadline of August 31 for U.S. and Canadian officials to reach a new deal on a revised North American Free Trade Agreement. Did said officials manage to meet the deadline?

a. Yes

b. No


3. Desperate to find preventative measures after struggling to combat wildfires for the past two years, what legislation have California lawmakers recently pushed to Governor Jerry Brown?

a. Chopping down all the trees in order to reduce the threat of spreading

b. Training traditional firefighters in wildfire-response measures in order to create more quick-response teams

c. Allowing utility companies to pass part of wildfire-related costs on to their customers


4. The Senate hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh took place the morning of Sept. 4. How long were the hearing’s opening remarks delayed by protesters?

a. They weren’t delayed at all and everything went smoothly

b. They were delayed by 30 minutes

c. They were delayed by over an hour but under four

d. They were delayed by four hours


5. Which New York news publication is shutting down after six decades of service?

a. “The Village Voice”

b. “Wall Street Journal”

c. “Democrat and Chronicle”



1. b. According to the Los Angeles Times, Southern California, a hotbed of space technology, stands to benefit greatly from the development of Space Force. While President Donald Trump has warred with areas like Sacramento on policy since taking office, Southern California boasts multiple aerospace and military facilities that would be invaluable in advancing Space Force.

2. b. Despite intense pressure from the White House, U.S. and Canadian officials failed to present a revamped NAFTA deal on August 31, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Missing the date itself doesn’t consign the renegotiated NAFTA, which includes Mexico in the arrangement, to doom. However, Trump has threatened to scrap the deal and enter into a bilateral deal with Mexico solely if an arrangement can’t be reached with Canada. Total trade among all three nations totaled in $1.2 trillion last year alone.

3. c. The Los Angeles Times reported that California lawmakers have passed on a particularly controversial bill allowing utility companies to pass costs along to customers in order to help pay for wildfire damage. Another high-profile bill recommends brush- and tree-thinning measures including yearly scheduled burns.

4. c. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley’s opening remarks were delayed by 80 minutes according to the Los Angeles Times. During Kavanaugh’s hearing before the GOP-dominated Senate Judiciary Committee, Democratic senators led by Kamala Harris launched a protest against the Supreme Court nominee, a move the Los Angeles Times called unprecedented.

Protesters attempting to delay the hearing heckled Kavanaugh and senators, and according to the Washington Post, 22 people had been arrested by 10:19 a.m. for disorderly conduct.

Kavanaugh’s nomination has been opposed by Democrats for his position on abortion and the Affordable Health Care act, as well as his stance on providing sitting presidents a shield from criminal investigations while in office. Kavanaugh was sworn in and made his opening remarks late in the day.

5. a. According to New York Daily News, after 63 years in print, “The Village Voice” is shutting down publication. Co-founded by actor, journalist and author Norman Mailer, the left-leaning publication that housed national journalism stars like Wayne Barrett and Nat Hentoff had struggled in recent years. Owner Peter Barbey said the publication fell victim to the outcry against print media industry of late.





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