The Ninja Warehouse in Ogden has been open since 2015 and offers its users open gyms and coaching sessions from America Ninja Warrior finalist Karson Voiles.

Ninja Warehouse has two gyms which feature the same ninja obstacles found on the TV show, “American Ninja Warrior.”

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Ninja Warehouse is located at 3107 Wall Avenue. (Kelly Watkins / The Signpost)

“Between the two gyms in Salt Lake and Ogden, there are 300-something obstacles to do,” Voiles said. “Including flips, wall runs and more. Basically everything you wanted to do as a kid, now there is a place to do it safely.”

Voiles named some of the obstacles found in the gym, including the warp wall, the salmon ladder and the ultimate cliff-hanger.

Voiles, who is a 3-time American Ninja Warrior National Finalist, designed the obstacles in the gym,with obstacles that range in difficulty from novice to professional.

The ultimate goal of the Ninja Warehouse according to Voiles is building confidence.

“Confidence in kids and in adults, as well by giving some kind of outlet for those that don’t fit into traditional sports,” said Voiles. “We focus a lot on building coordination and how you move your body. We focus on strength and balance.”

Voiles expressed that by building confidence in young people and adults, their self-esteem increases. The newfound self-esteem allows them to be better then they once were.

Some of the strongest people that Voiles knows participate in the ninja classes and workouts rather than traditional weightlifting. Voiles explained that when one lifts weights, only one-muscle group is being worked.

“They are full-body dynamics. It is more core strength than anything,” Voiles said. “Your learning how to use your entire body together to achieve a goal or to finish an obstacle.”

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Kids in class at Ninja Warehouse. (Kelly Watkins / The Signpost)

According to Voiles, the Ninja Warehouse provides customers a fun way to get in shape.

“You think you’re there just having a great time,” Voiles said. “Then you wake up the next morning thinking ‘oh my heck, I’m sore everywhere, that was such a good workout.’”

The Ninja Warehouse offers the public an open gym as well as ninja classes. During open gym, the warehouse has a coach on staff. The gym also offers private coaching, birthday parties, summer camps and corporate events.

The classes are taught for ages five and up.

Pricing to use the gym varies on the age of the customer, ranging from $55 a month to $115 a month. The Ninja Warehouse is open from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. every Monday through Saturday.

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