The plan is simple. You have a shopping list. Get in, get what you need and leave. It’s a mundane process.

A small shop in Ogden called Vibez is working to create a different kind of place to shop that is safe and welcoming for locals.

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A handful of stones such as cherry quartz, light jade, and dalmation jasper. (Kelly Watkins / The Signpost)

There are many different products in the shop, such as an array of high quality crystals, jewelry, sage smudging sticks and tarot cards.

Nikki Edwards, a Vibez customer, wasn’t expecting to be drawn into the store when she went in to find presents for her family members.

“I went in for presents and instead discovered so many objects and passions I never knew that I had,” Edwards said. “My favorite is my tiger’s eye stone, which I believe gives me energy.”

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Handmade jewelry and other pieces rest under the golden light in a case on display and avaliable for purchase. (Kelly Watkins / The Signpost)

Aside from their collection of items, Vibez offers a variety of classes on how to achieve goals. Some other classes they offer are on topics like intuitive healing, understanding energies, yoga and self-help classes.

“We are a heart-centered healing center as much as we are a retail store,” Vibez employee Kyle Lawrence said. “The healing behind it and the energy work that is done here and the classes, the retail portion of that just supports and keep the doors open for us to do that.”

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A small pendent next to a large crystal. (Kelly Watkins / The Signpost)

Vibez prides itself on having a staff who strives to make the shop as welcoming as possible. And while classes and tools are offered to customers and community members, the staff answers questions and wants to have conversations with their customers.

“I was experiencing a lot of depression and anxiety in my life when I came across Vibez,” customer Holly Connelly said. “Not only did they help me find what I needed to combat that, they listened to my story and to my concerns to help me find what I needed to overcome those blocks in my life.”

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An array of colorful candles with many different purposes. (Kelly Watkins / The Signpost)

Vibez is a place that employees describe as welcoming to all, like a family or a tribe.

“It’s a great environment,” Lawrence said. “It’s a great tribe. We refer to people who come as the Vibez Tribe. All are welcome to come and to feel the magic love that is here.”

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