At this year’s Utah Press Association Better Newspaper Contest, The Signpost brought home 19 awards for original reporting and media works completed in 2018.


Among those awards was the achievement of General Excellence in Group Five. The Signpost has won in this category now for three straight years against other campus newspapers in the state including Brigham Young University, University of Utah and Utah State University Eastern.

The only first place award in writing was for best news series, given to news assistant editor Jennifer Greenlee for her three-article trilogy on financial aid. Her work also made an appearance in the November financial aid issue of The Signpost, which won third-place for best special edition.

Various runner-up awards were given to staff writers, including second-place in best general news story for Cole Eckhardt and Nic Muranaka’s “The Signpost’s last chat with Chuck.” Former staff member Chris Nichols’s also won second in the best editor’s column category for “Tales of a Mormon metalhead.”

The third-place award for best sports story was given to Japheth Pleasant for his article on college athlete compensation.

In the best sports column category, sports editor Brandon May received recognition by winning third-place for “The reel challenges of fishing.” Multiple authors also won third for best news coverage.

In regards to photography, The Signpost walked away with a whopping four first-place awards. Three of those awards went to Josh Wineholt for best photo page, best news photograph and best sports photograph.

The best sports photograph was for Wineholt’s memorable capture of Weber State University freshman quarterback Kaden Jenks’s gruesome ankle injury in October. The other two awards were for his work at a university police training as well as a photo essay on the many beautiful spots to visit on campus.

Photo editor Sara Parker also won best feature photograph for her summer work during ColorFest.

After awards for photography and writing were passed out, winners were announced for various graphic design and promotional categories. The Signpost took two first-place awards for best website and best in-house self promotion for the April edition on graduation.

Multiple staffers also placed second in a variety of categories including best lifestyle page, best staff produced ad and best circulation promotion.

In the best community event category, graphics editor Samantha Van Orman won second for her design of “Weber production combats sexual assault” written by Kelly Watkins. The staff also walked away in third-place for best sports page.

First – Best news series, Jennifer Greenlee

First – Best sports photograph, Josh Wineholt

First – Best photo page, Josh Wineholt

First – Best news photograph, Josh Wineholt

First – Best feature photograph, Sara Parker

First – Best in-house self promotion, graduation edition

First – Best website

Second – Best general news story, Cole Eckhardt and Nic Muranaka “The Signpost’s last chat with Chuck”

Second – Best editor’s column, Chris Nichols “Tales of a Mormon metalhead”

Second – Best lifestyle page, “Lighting up for the holiday”

Second – Best community event, Samantha Van Orman “Weber production combats sexual assault”

Second – Best staff produced ad, “Testing center locations”

Second – Best circulation promotion, Waldo’s World

Third – Best sports column, Brandon May “The reel challenges of fishing”

Third – Best news coverage

Third – Best sports story, Japheth Pleasant “Being an athlete doesn’t mean making big bucks”

Third – Best sports page

Third – Best special edition, financial aid

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