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Medical Emergencies

During the Late Night at Weber event on Aug. 23, an attendee passed out and hit her head on concrete. Police responded and called Ogden Fire for a medical response. When medical arrived, the attendee was still not completely coherent, so she was transported to McKay-Dee Hospital.

A WSU employee stumbled and fell down some stairs outside of University Village. She refused medical to be called on her behalf. A co-worker took her to work med where she was found to have several broken toes.


On Aug. 22, a woman called the police and reported she felt her ex-boyfriend was stalking her while she was in the Union building. She stated she didn’t feel that he had a reason to be on campus since he wasn’t a student. Police have attempted to find the suspect and have followed up twice since the initial event, referring her to resources and attempting to find the man to cite him for trespassing if he is found without a reason to be on campus.


A woman called having received fraudulent charges on her account and still having all her cards. She felt someone may have taken a picture of one of her cards at a computer lab because at one point, she left her things unattended. Police are still reviewing surveillance.

At the campus store, someone fraudulently used another student’s credit card to purchase merchandise. The suspect used a fake email account. Police are still reviewing the case.

Burglary Alarm

An alarm went off from the Wells Fargo ATM in the Shepherd Union building. Police responded and found a gentleman working on the ATM who had cause to do so.

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