On Sept. 4, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Student Job Fair was held in the Shepherd Union Atrium and Waterfall Plaza, where over twenty booths were set up with members of local businesses who wanted to share their opportunities with Weber State University students who may be looking for jobs.

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Students and attendees engage with the varying businesses present at the career fair last fall. (Joshua Wineholt / The Signpost)

Some of the businesses included RC Willey, Home Depot, UPS and the IRS. These companies were offering part time jobs with flexible hours for students.

Paola Ramirez of UPS said, “We have great flexible hours that work well for college students, and we offer many different job opportunities. We currently have openings in Human Resources among others.”

Many students value the flexibility of their jobs. Being able to make time for life and school without it getting in the way of school is important to students.

Similar opportunities were offered by Karen Peacock from FedEx.

“At FedEx you get paid to workout, have flexible hours for your studies, and we have a new weekend only schedule, we also offer tuition reimbursements,” Peacock said.

The IRS is also offering a flexible workweek for students where they can work 16-32 hours a week.

“For students if they need to switch their schedule to study for a test or anything school related we will give them that time to do so,” Hannah Berrett said. “What other jobs can offer that?”

She also talked about the Pathways Program they offer, which is designed for college students.

“The IRS hires 1900 workers a year and we have ninety-five Pathway Program positions available,” Berrett said.

Law Enforcement and military job opportunities are also available from the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Department and U.S. Army. Sergeant Mike Bugby referred to recent changes that have been made to the age requirement for who they can hire at the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

“Due to recent changes we can start hiring at 19 instead of 21. This is great for college students who want to eventually work in law enforcement,” said Bugby.

Similar to law enforcement are the military jobs available. Eric Mirrors, who is with the U.S. Army said.

“There are over 150 jobs in the Army, and you have the opportunity to also get college credits while serving.” Mirrors who has a degree in Public Safety and Emergency Management continued, “Joining the Army as either Active Duty or the Reserves can help a student with college tuition, as the Army will pay up to one-hundred percent of the tuition.”

For students more interested in the outdoors or a more laid back work environment, Backcountry and Alpine Sports were also sharing their opportunities for students as well.

“We have openings in our Gear Head customer service and we are looking for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and wants to help others get prepared to go outdoors and those who enjoy a relaxed work environment,” Julian Alvarez of Backcountry said.

These were just some of the many great opportunities made available at the Student Job Fair for students to learn more about and possibly work for these employers.

There will be two more fairs coming up this month, with the Fall STEM and Career Fair happening from Sept. 17-18, and the Graduate School Fair taking place on Sept. 23. Both will be located in the Shepherd Union Building Ballrooms.

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