“It might have looked like a whole lot of fun, traveling around the world, getting to do amazing things with airplanes and rocks,” Susanna Castleden said. “But, it’s bloody hard work; we have this motto and it’s: ‘Art is hard.’”

Castleden is an Australian artist and one of six international artists invited to exhibit their works in the Perspective in Printmaking exhibition in the Hurst Shaw Gallery.

Art Gallery Opening (Kalie Pead) (1 of 16).jpg
Perspectives In Printmaking Poster hung on the side of the Kimball Visual Art Building. (Kalie Pead/ The Signpost)

“Students might not be able to get to Australia to see this work, but we’re bringing that work to them,” K. Stevenson, Head of Printmaking, The Department of Visual Art and Design, stated.

This exhibition was co-curated by Lydia Gravis, Director of the Hurst Shaw Gallery, and Stevenson. They’ve searched the globe for avant-garde artists in the age-old art of printmaking and have invited six artists to participate in the exhibition.

Art Gallery Opening (Kalie Pead) (5 of 16).jpg
Attendees get an upclose look at an art installation by Anna Vertanen & Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts Printmaking Students. (Kalie Pead/ The Signpost)

Castleden has also been selected to be a Hurst Artist-in-Residence at Weber State University, allowing her to stay and work on campus for nearly two weeks.

“Our students who get to work with her are also getting that experience as if they flew to Australia and took a workshop from her,” Stevenson said.

Castleden discussed the rare honor among artists where a distant curator sees the art and wants to include it in a gallery. Castleden said being recognized is, of course, the hope among artists.

Art Gallery Opening (Kalie Pead) (4 of 16).jpg
Attendees experience a 3- part installation including print, sound and a handmade book. (Kalie Pead/ The Signpost)

“I have never seen this work on a wall before because it’s too big to fit into any other galleries,” Castleden said. “It’s a real treat to be able to share my way of thinking about things with students over here and for me to take that back to my students in Australia, printmaking is all about reciprocity.”

Some of the visiting art majors commented on the scope of the inclusions.

“She [Susanna] is very committed, obviously, by the size of her work. The scale of her work is important. Also, the concept of movement, the airplane wing, in print works,” Kayla Astle, who’s an Art major at WSU, said.

Susanna maintained that the key to success is loving what you do, particularly in art.

You’ve got to love what you do because you just couldn’t do it otherwise, and it’s hard to get your work shown and seen by people because people don’t have time for art anymore. Work hard, and work with something you love,” Susanna said.

The Perspectives in Printmaking exhibition boasts 13 works by six carefully selected and relevant printmakers. It’s taken communication, work, dedication, time and resources to bring these works of art to WSU. From a simple thought of doing a printmaking show, to building the current gallery exhibition – it’s all come together in a big way.

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