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Candidate for Provost, Ravi Krovi, talks about student success in Lindquist Hall (Robert Lewis / The Signpost)

The week of Sept. 23 wrapped up the last of the provost candidate’s presentations. Weber State University’s Provost Madonne Miner’s position was opened to new candidates, as she will be stepping down after four years of her role in the position.

Over the last two weeks, four candidates have each given their addresses at Lindquist Hall.

Wanda Costen, currently Dean of MacEwan University’s School of Business, and David Ferro, current Dean of the College of Applied Science and Technology at WSU, were the first two candidates to deliver their addresses about their candidacy for WSU’s provost position.

Ravi Kovi gave his address on Sept. 24 for the position. Then, on Sept. 27, Dr. Kelly Ryan, was the last provost candidate to give her address.

Both Ryan and Kovi gave their presentations to a roomful of staff, faculty and students.

Nikki Dorber Provost (5 of 5).jpg
Kelly Ryan from Indiana gives her percpective on how to improve universities. Nikki Dorber / The Signpost

“Whoever is chosen for the position of provost at Weber State should be able to carry on in working towards student success and keeping a student-centered focus and working across faculty and professional staff lines and recognizing the importance of both of those groups in making that happen,” Nick Berg, current College Academic Adviser in Lindquist College of Arts and Humanities, said.

She also made it clear to the audience, that she has a strong conviction of pulling together resources and how that will bring meaningful gains in student retention and persistence to graduations with a commitment to WSU’s faculty staff and, importantly, students.

“The best example of the way that we can mutually lead and agree to find success is by leveraging resources for faculty and students, investment in one area ultimately bleeds into another,” Ryan said. “There’s a balance that’s created by these investments that speak to our mission.”

All four of the provost candidates had a different perspective on how to help WSU and to bring a different vision and new ideas.

At the end of the final presentation, Karen Miller, graduate of WSU said, “I think all four of these candidates are well-qualified, and each of them has just a little bit different focus, but they all are well-prepared.”

The new provost will be announced once evaluation of all four candidates has been completed by WSU’s administration.

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