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Weber State University has a variety of ways to get involved and traditions that can give students a true Wildcat experience. Recently the Alumni Association and the Student Alumni Association have released the Tradition Keeper app to help students complete some of these iconic traditions such as cheering on the Wildcats at a game and eating Purple Pancakes, all to earn free WSU themed swag.

Weber State Students can complete 50 traditions throughout their time on the WSU campus.

According to the Tradition Keeper app, “These traditions are made to help you tell your own story while here at Weber State while helping students to see how to make the most of their WSU college experience.”


The app is made to be simple and easy. To complete a tradition, you just snap a photo of yourself while participating in the activity and add a caption to your photos on the app. There are eight achievement levels. Each one you complete will earn you free Weber State swag. The ultimate prize is a Custom Stole to wear at graduation.

“No matter what their interests are, these traditions really extend to everyone,” WSU Alumni Engagement Coordinator Becca Gibson said. “This is trying to engage everyone in the community in ways that they enjoy.”

Gibson believes that by getting everyone involved, our school community can be more united. She also said that it is important for students to feel a part of something, and being a part of a college community is an easy way to fulfill that.

Even though the app wasn’t around when she attended Weber, current faculty and staff, other alumni and members of the community can earn the title of “tradition keeper” by completing 35 traditions rather than 50.


The Tradition Keeper app and program only have a total of 50 traditions listed but there are more than just 50 ways to get involved and to feel more connected to Weber State.

President of the Student Alumni Association Hayden Bickley said that Weber has made an amazing impact on his life. Bickley believes that the college experience is much more than just going to class and getting a degree—it is also about enjoying the life experince.

By completing all the traditions and sporting the stole at graduation, fellow students and the community will know that you’re another tradition keeper of Weber State University. Both Bickley and Gibson think that the stole is a great grand prize and students should feel proud of earning it.

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