Attending men’s and women’s basketball games at the Dee Events Center will be a bit of a different experience this season due to a new Jumbotron being added to the arena that has raised excitement around the athletic program.

This new addition comes shortly after Stewart Stadium added two new video boards and a new building that features not only a flashy locker room but coaching offices, a weight room and an equipment room.

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The new jumbotron lowered into the middle of the Dee Events Center as it continues to be worked on. (Kalie Pead/ The Signpost)

Weber State has grown in national exposure throughout the past few years, whether that comes from the softball teams battle with UCLA on ESPN in the NCAA tournament, the football teams rise to being a top 10 team the past three years or Damian Lillard’s rise to elite status in the National Basketball Association.

There will be a new game-day experience in Ogden and 13th year Head Coach Randy Rahe is looking forward to it.

“It’s gonna be great, we are really excited about it,” said Rahe. “We’ve been fortunate every year they keep upgrading the Dee Events Center. Around here we don’t sit on what we have, we keep trying to make it better”.

While the Dee Events Center has been undergoing its changes, both the men’s and women’s teams have been practicing at the Swenson Gymnasium, but they are back in the Dee now that the Jumbotron is finished, and soon the public will be able to see it.

The women’s basketball team will be the first ones to play a game with the new jumbotron when they tangle with Western Colorado on Oct. 30. The men’s team will then get their turn when they battle the same school on Nov. 2.


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