1. What animal played the kazoo and made evolutionary news?

a. Lizard


c. Kangaroos

d. Cats

2. In what country did a student in a ninja history class write their paper in invisible ink made out of soybeans?

a. United States of America

b. Japan

c. China

d. Germany

3. Why did a Texas man, Heath Bumpous, rob a bank on Oct. 7?

a. To pay for the wedding ring and venue

b. To buy a house

c. To gamble

d. To move to Mexico

4. How old was a Michigan boy that was recently injured from the “Fire Challenge”?

a. 8 years old

b. 18 years old

c. 16 years old

d. 12 years old


1. B. according to Washington Post Orangutans played the kazoos with varying pitches. Some scientists say their skills have been underestimated.

2. B. According to BBC News a Japanese student at Mie University wrote an entire paper in invisible ink. She used soybeans and spent hours soaking and crushing them to make the ink.

3. A. NBC News said groom robbed a bank to pay for wedding ring and venue. Bride told groom to turn himself after she saw the footage on Facebook.

4. D. NBC News reported that a 12-year-old boy had been burned while attempting the “fire challenge” where his friend set him on fire. The fire challenge was first uploaded to media in 2012 and has gained more popularity since 2014. The challenge consists of someone putting flammable liquid on oneself and lighting it on fire.

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