Sexual Assault

During the week of Oct. 7, a student reported to police that he or she had been sexually assaulted in one of the residence halls. While this student wanted it reported, he or she is concerned about retaliation. This student did not provide information about any suspect. The police informed the student about the resources he or she could access through the Women’s Center.

Suspicious Circumstances

A student reported that their ex was trying to find them on campus on Oct. 8. This was the first time this student had issues with him on campus, but they have had repeated issues with him off campus. The student had already spoken to the Women’s Center and Safe@Weber about the ex.

A NUAMES’s student’s mother stated that her son had not returned home on Oct. 11. He had been gone since 7 a.m., and it was close to 6 p.m. at the time of the call. While she was on the phone with an officer, the student walked in.

A student was speaking with his professor and made concerning comments at Lind Lecture Hall. On Oct. 11, he stated to his professor that the FBI was investigating him for terrorism. Police looked into the claim and found the FBI had done a risk assessment on him but had determined he was not a risk.

Suspicious person

An individual was seen lying outside of Elizabeth Hall on Oct. 11. The officers who responded called for medical attention, since she was lying next to vomit and several empty cans of beer. She was checked for outstanding warrants and did not have any. She refused to be transported to the hospital, and her father took her home.



A fire alarm was reported at University Circle on Oct. 10. The alarm company had contacted the Assistant Fire Marshall about an error with the alarm panel. Police were canceled but reached out to the Assistant Fire Marshall to make sure the alarm was reported correctly.

On Oct. 10, a fire alarm was reported at Wildcat Village. Officers responded and found that there was no fire. The Fire Marshall was contacted and technicians were sent the same day.

An alarm went off in the Kimball Arts Building on Oct. 10. The alarm originated from the panel and had been on for about 45 minutes. The officer contacted the Fire Marshall and sent a picture so the panel could be evaluated.

A fire alarm went off in Wildcat Village. A resident in Building 2 was vaping and set off the alarm on Oct. 8. The Fire Marshall informed them about the regulations and possible fines that could be incurred with that action.

In the Browning Center, a fire alarm went off in room 38. Police responded and found that someone was using a haze machine on Oct. 9. The individual had permission from the Browning Center and the Fire Marshall.

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